Gibson Management Group, Ltd.

About Gibson Management Group, Ltd.

Wallace Gibson

When I returned to Virginia in 1993, I worked with several local property managers while obtaining my Virginia real estate broker license. During this period, I found the quality of rental management in the area consisted of putting tenants in place and counting on the appreciation of the local real estate market to provide the increase in the rental property owner's investment.

Having been a property manager in two very active real estate markets in both Hawaii and Northern California, I quickly found that the "local" property managers lacked the education and expertise to effectively care for their clients' properties in a truly professional manner where the skill and knowledge of the property manager actually ADDED to the value to the property rather than just being an expense drawn against the bottom line.

In 1995, I formed Gibson Management Group, Ltd. and proceeded to provide a unique brand of quality property management to owners of local high-end single family homes, town homes as well as country and estate properties.

We have enjoyed phenomenal success and growth in our company by instituting innovative approaches to the management of our clients' properties  - including the marketing, routine maintenance and rennovations, financial reporting and communication.

  • In 1996, I began publishing my quarterly Landlord Tenant Services newsletter and over the years, our subscription has grown to over 1,200 owners of central Virginia rental homes.  Beginning in 2003, we provided this newsletter by subscription only and continue to provide this valuable and informative newsletter to over 500 investment owners, professional landlords as well as our clients.
  • In 1997, we were the first area property management firm to provide internet listings of our clients' rental properties on the national website.
  • We continue to be the only local firm providing color printed listings on a monthly basis to local Realtor offices and enjoy a very effective tenant/applicant referral relationship with local Realtors.
  • In 2001, we began posting interior photos and floor plans of our available rental properties on our own website and actively engaged in "e-leasing" for applicants not able to view properties prior to their arrival in the area.
  • In 2002, we relocated our office to the Pantops area of Albemarle county and expanded our service are to include the Lake Monticello area.
  • In 2003, we have partnered with in the hosting of our company's new website.   With our new  website, we are the only local property manager who is  featuring a slide show presentation of our properties including interior and exterior photos and floor plans.
  • Also in 2003, we added D.G. Gibson to our staff.  Gary has over 35 years of construction experience and is responsible for maintenance coordination as well as providing photography services for our website.
  • In 2005, we are leasing almost 50% of our properties sight-unseen from our website through our e-leasing program.  This has enabled our residents to make their new home selection from our website and complete the leasing process long-distance.