Gibson Management Group, Ltd.

Our Professional Services

Gibson Management Group, Ltd. is pleased you are interested in our services. Our property management objective is to provide professional property management to real estate investment owners and to assist them with the complexities of managing their real estate investment.

Managing rental property is the most difficult aspect of real estate investing. This applies equally to single family homes, condominium units or multi-unit properties. There is much more to rental management than simply finding residents. Rental management requires an understanding of the concerns and goals of, you, the property owner. It is also important to know the rental market as a whole and the area in particular and to continually evaluate the conditions affecting the property relative to its location, amenities, services and facilities, in addition to the neighborhood itself.

Good management is not only critical to you, but is also very important to the property residents. Anyone who has been a tenant knows the value of good management, and good management results in a number of things including satisfied investors as well as satisfied residents. The end result of good management is maximum cash flow; and the one interest that all investors have in common is the desire to maximize income and minimize expenses. To answer the questions of why you need professional management, you should ask these questions:

(1) Why do some properties remain full while others have reoccurring vacancies?
(2) Why are residents reluctant to leave a certain property when comparable units might be newer, offer more amenities or may be more conveniently located?

The answers to these questions are good management, service and professionalism. We invite you to take this opportunity to review our program and evaluate it in connection with your own ideas and goals.

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